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Default Seishun Forget! - 12-26-2012, 03:25 AM

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Seishun Forget
Author: Mikabe Sesuna
Artist: Mikabe Sesuna
Genres: Comedy Mystery Romance School Life Seinen
Status: Complete, Consiting of 4 Volumes (20 Chapters)

"Live with Sincerity" is Natsuki Taiyou's motto. It's first day of high school and Taiyou was heading to a school and Taiyou meets Hinata during the way there. He fell in love at first sight and suddenly confessed to her. Her answer was yes and she runs away without saying who she was, but it turns that she was his classmate. Taiyou felt a destiny between them. However, on the next day, she doesn't remember who he is. why could it that be...? (Source:Batoto)

This could be interesting, I dunno what was the reason why am I reading this manga. But this review tells you why it’s a recommended romance manga

My Review:

Natsuki Taiyou was just your adolescent High School Student, setting his priorities while he’s young, since his motto in life was to “Live with his Sincerity”. Until he had met HInata, the perfect girl that every high school student has to dream about.He manages to confess at her, and eventually they are a couple. Until the following day, she doesn’t remember Taiyou at all.

This really reminds me of the movie “50 First Dates” by Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, since they both have the same synopsis. But this manga really amuses me, this series shows on how will he handle that kind of relationship.

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Im not sure if she’s trollin’ me or not

Since Hinata, has a short term memory loss, this was considered as the conflict of the story. For him, ever sinc e he confessed to her, he got used to these unfortunate events. Taiyou really prove to her that he loves her with all his heart. As the story goes, he needs help with his friends in finding a way on how will he handle that kind of relationship.

From the readers’ point of view, HInata’s punchlines are very funny, especially when she encounters Taiyou per every chapter. For some reason, when those punchlines added to her Tsundere personality, it adds the Moe factor of Hinata, making it the series more enjoyable to read.

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Fight for love…

Definitely when there’s a relationship there’s always a third party. since this is a romance manga, we cannot avoid those conflicts and misunderstandings,. But that rivalry is intense, however Hinata’s was at the disadvantage, when it comes to prolonging the relationship. Despite of Hinata’s shortcomings, she tries to prove to her rival that she will win Taiyou’s heart.

The cons in this series, was it doesn’t fully explain on how did HInata get that sickness, the graphics and the art wasn’t so good enough. Some readers doesn’t give much impact on what will be the happenings in every chapter, no drama occurs, its only just pure love comedy.

Graphics/Art: 7.5/10
Story: 9/10
Characters: 9/10
Lifespan: 9/10
Overall: 8.63/10

Seishun Forget is a recommended manga if you are into romance, and comedy. As a manga reader, you might find it enjoyable why this is a worth of a read. This manga proves that girls need sense of security. You might become interested in love triangles after you have read this series.

I found it enjoyable simply because its cuteness and how romantic the story was. I could only wish that this could turn into an anime series. But somehow, it’s not possible at all. If that happens, it would really be a hit.

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Default 12-26-2012, 12:37 PM

Fabulous review!
One of the best series in a long time with a quality plot line and a very good set of characters to follow up with.
Although this series could easily have been extended more than 20 chapters, the author did a fantastic job overall for the manga series. No prolonging or extensions of fillers just a great story line with romance and comedy involved. Personally would give this series 9/10.

Hope to see more of your reviews.

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