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Default Accel Online Fan Fiction Part 2 - 07-04-2013, 01:01 PM

Accel Online (Part 2)
A fan fiction story

“Who are these people?” Haruyuki asked.

“I don’t know. However, if they prove to be hostile, we’ll have to defend ourselves.”

“Could they be some new battle avatars or perhaps some Neutral Monsters?”

“It couldn’t be. Neutral Field Monsters are often gigantic in size. I’ve never seen them to be this small. As for your other presumption, it is a possibility, though I have never seen a battle avatar before who could directly copy the structure of the original human body. Usually, battle avatars in the Accelerated World most often resemble robots or elementals or other strange shapes, however, for a battle avatar to copy the structure of the human body…These two must be unique.”

The two strange people who appeared in the blue light started talking to each other.

“What are they doing,” asked Haruyuki.

“Whatever they are, do not engage unless they attack first.”

Suddenly, the one with the black hair and coat sped forward, unsheathing his black sword. A flash of yellow trailed and Black Lotus wasted no time to react. Sparks flew as the two blades connected.

“They are hostile, Haruyuki-kun!”
Black Lotus moved swiftly and gracefully, parrying the black swordsman’s advances. KLANG! KLING! KLANG!

“Hime! ”Haruyuki screamed.

Before he could react, the brown-haired girl sped towards him, closing the gap in less than a second. She unsheathed her rapier and sent flashes of green skimming against his metal plating. Haruyuki’s HP gauge went down significantly as each flash of green connected.


Kirito jumped up and slashed down hard leaving a red arc in the blade’s wake. “How long have I been fighting?” Still, the black shadow showed no signs of fatigue.

“Damn. I’ll have to use that, eh?”

Kirito jumped back and using his right hand opened his equipment storage. “I didn’t want to have to use this, but you leave me no choice.”

Kirito put on a stance and charged at the enemy. The Elucidator, Kirito’s black sword, swung downwards to cleave the black shadow, however, it was caught immediately, sending sparks flying in all directions. Just then, he reached for his other sword, Dark Repulser. He swung the crystal-born sword at the enemy’s shoulder. The blade connected with the black steel, but was immediately reflected back.

“Oh…You have to do better than that to defeat the Black King.”
“Black King? Was this some kind of Boss fight? Wait…how could monsters talk?” Kirito shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. I have to keep fighting.” Kirito gripped both swords tighter.

“Star Burst Stream!”

Kirito burst into a 64-hit combo. A downward slash followed by a right uppercut followed by a reverse downward swing. The blades clanged against one another filling the Demonic City stage with the sounds of metal-against-metal.


Asuna kept up the assault. The KoB Vice-Commander blanketed Silver Crow with blinding stabs, strikes and slashes. The hazelnut-hair fluttered in the air. She was an angel of death in her red and white guild uniform. Her green-tinged rapier was called Lambent Light, a special speed attribute sword forged by her capricious pink-haired blacksmith friend, Lizbeth. It was as reliable a weapon as always as each thrust let out a humming noise as a green light pummeled the metallic avatar body of her opponent.

Silver Crow’s special move gauge was now full. At last, the sound of a hum like an engine starting resonated from Crow’s back and two glowing wings sprouted. Silver Crow took to the air. Ten feet up and Silver Crow switched to reconnaissance mode, scanning the ruined streets for any signs of red, white or brown.

No luck.

“Now, where is she?”

Silver Crow scanned the environment, but found no trace of the girl avatar.

“She must have gone into hiding. That cowa-!“

A sharp stabbing sound was heard and next thing he knew, Silver Crow was falling straight towards the hard floor of the Neutral Field. On his back, a green rapier sprouted condescendingly from his silver metal armor.

“How did she-? “

BOOM! A large crater appeared. At the center, a twisted heap of metal. The twisted metal resolved to move and looking up, Haruyuki saw his HP gauge stretched to its limits.

“Darn…That hurt…”

Silver Crow stared up and found the brown-haired girl staring down at him, rapier in one hand and a killing intent in her brown eyes. As she looked at him, she muttered, “Geez, I thought you’d be a tougher opponent,” she said as she plunged the blade down.


Kuroyukihime hadn't had a fight like this in ages, not since she had challenged Chrome Disaster head on, not since her serious fight with Yellow Radio, the Yellow King or Sulfur Pot, the despondent beast tamer. The black swordsman now had two blades. Now, they were evenly matched.

“This is getting interesting. Show me what you’ve got!” shouted the Black King.

The Black Swordsman stopped his advances. Heavy breathing ensued.

“Could it be? Is he…tired? Ah, it doesn’t matter now, does it?” she paused for a moment. “Prepare yourself! OVERDRIVE MODE GREEN!” she screamed.
Black Lotus’ lustrous black body glowed with a green fire. Her stats increased threefold and soon she was rushing at her dark assailant with black blades poised to strike.


Kirito braced for the worst. It looked like Asuna already took care of her problems. Now, it was up to him to finish this. He raised Dark Repulser and Elucidator up high as the green flash of lightning collided into him. An explosion of green light flashed and dust and debris was blown off the ground.

Kirito tried to catch his breath, “Haa…Haa…Haa….”

The attack had left him drained. Dark Repulser was a meter away plunged on the ground and Elucidator’s durability was critically low. With his free hand, he felt a deep gash on his side where polygons were busy being disintegrated.

“Damn. Is this the end?”

Kirito looked at his HP Gauge. 3 dots left. It was now in the red zone. He remembered Kayaba Akihiko’s words, “Death in the game means death in the real world.”

“Would his death be now? No…I have…I have to protect her. No matter what!”

A voice from far away screamed,” Kirito, switch!” and a flash of brown, red, white and green flashed, covering Black Lotus in a salvo of colors.

“Honestly, that Silver Crow….Oh, well,” said the black wraith.

It was now a battle of speed. Who was faster? Asuna or Black Lotus?

The answer came 10 seconds later.

“Death-by-Piercing!” and Asuna’s body came hurtling towards Kirito. She was hurt. Deep gashes of red polygons covered most of her body, her armor’s durability was failing and her HP was at the red zone. Despite all that, she managed to stand.

“I will protect you, Kirito-kun…” she said as she fatigue fell in and she collapsed onto Kirito.

Kuroyukihime had practically won. “Oh…where is that fighting spirit you’re so proud of?” One final attack would finish this.

“Vorpal ….”

She started charging her ranged attack.



A thin piece of metal protruded from her armor and a minuscule amount of HP was taken away.


“Don’t underestimate us,” said Kirito. The “Throw” skill came just in time. A few seconds later and their brains in the real world would have been fried.
Kirito held the injured Asuna in his left arm and with the index and thumb of his right hand, he opened the menu of Sword Art Online and produced a blue crystal from his inventory.

They were at their limit. Anymore fighting and their HP would become depleted. There wasn’t enough time for a healing item. They only had one choice left.

Kirito held the blue crystal up high causing the Black King to hesitate for a moment, unsure of what that thing was.

“Teleport: Salemburg!”


The familiar blue light covered them in a bluish glow and they found themselves within the safe zone of Salemburg’s busy streets.

“Asuna, hang in there.”

With his right hand, he produced a high-level healing potion and gave it to Asuna to drink. The light of her hazelnut-eyes returned and her HP gauge had returned to safe levels.


“Thank god, Asuna. If I had lost you, I wouldn’t have been able to carry on.”
He said as a deep fatigue set in. The last things he saw before waking up were a crowd of NPCs and players converging on the couple shouting, curious to see what the entire commotion was. That and the angelic face of the girl he loved as a deep sleep set in.

The End

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