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Post Official Counting Thread - 01-17-2009, 04:50 AM

Official Counting Thread

In other words, spam.

Here's a few simple rules:

1. No consecutive post, simply meaning that you cannot post more than once consecutively.
2. Make sure your post includes the correct number.
3. Extra text comes after the number.

How to participate:

I'll explain it in simple terms. If the post before your post includes the number "682", your post must include "683" and the person who posts after you will have to include "684" and so on. There's no limit and we can count up to infinity. :V

Please note, no consecutive post! You can only post once and wait for someone else (at least 1 person) to post before you can post again.


To start the ball rolling, this post will be number 1. ^_^

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